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Loosing a falcon during a hunt has never been an easy event. Some years ago, while on one of his frequent trips to the Gulf, our managing director Mr. M. Bani Odeh noticed that conventional tracking devices had their faults and were not satisfying the costumers. To please the falconers he started developing a new tracking device.

And the result of that: FALCONPILOTTM – the world’s leading tracking device using the advantages of telemetry tracking and GPS-location, so from now on, no falcon ever needs to be lost again.

The new GPS-supported tracking device gathers more information so the costumer can monitor the falcon in greater detail. These information are visualized in such a convenient manner, no other product is able to keep up with. Therefore the receiver has been fitted with a screen, displaying properties like direction, location and speed on coloured map.

But more important than the improvement in convenience is the increase in security. By combining telemetry and GPS, we were able to eliminate almost all the drawbacks both systems have individually. And it is soothing and calming to know that there is always a backup for locating a falcon in case one system fails to do so.

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